How to remove ceramic Marks from your Floor Tiles

It is important that floor tile maintenance is important if you hope to keep your floor in good shape. In some cases, scratched tiles have to be replaced; however, you may be able to repair the damage sometimes. It is almost impossible to avoid scratches from appearing on tiles in a regular household. As you know that tiles aren’t the only part of your floor that will need cleaning but also grout keeps your floor tiles together will likely to also need a little make over. If you want to remove the stains from your tiles then you need proper equipments that remove all of the stains from your tiles effectively without damaging them.


Tips to clean marks from Your Tiles:-

To avoid coffee stains: – If your porcelain tiles are trapped with coffee stains then you should try to clean immediately as soon as possible. But sometimes you forget it or they are overlooked until later. At that time simply sprinkle a touch of baking soda over the stain, then dampen a cloth with water and gently scrub. This technique is very effective to remove the stains from your floor tiles.

Avoid Porcelain Unglazed Tiles: – Unglazed tiles need to be done differently as they don’t have the glaze on them cannot be tackled as easy as the other tiles. To start with you will need to mix sulfuric acid mixture which will be able to tackle all the stains on your ceramic tile. To make that mixture you will need to mix one pound of acid with 5 gallons of water which we have been using to clean all of our ceramic tiles. Soak all of the ceramic tiles with the mixture and then clean the mixture off with some cold water.

Remove Hard Water Stains: – Sometimes you noticed that your floor tiles are contact with hard water stains and it is difficult task to remove that stains. At that time you make a solution of equal parts white vinegar and warm water and pour into the spray bottle. After that spray the solution on the stain and gently scour the area.


The tips are help to keep your ceramic tiles free of stains and mold is regular and efficient cleaning. But after that if you want to need professional tile cleaning then you will also refer Master Cleaners in Melbourne which helps to make your tiles fresh and shiny at affordable price. We provide Local Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Melbourne.

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