Renovation of Tiles and Grout

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for old spaces such as housing with tiles that may need some kind of renovation, in the case of old places, usually have some very particular stamps that give it a special character.

Many people who decide to make a radical change to their home choose to preserve these aspects of the home that give them a special view. Among the most common are the old floors, however, if they are badly deteriorated you can decide for a remodeling of the original tiles while retaining their essence.



When we get tired of what we see around us, we need a change, but sometimes we don’t have the money or the patience to invest in a complete renovation that involves removing tiles and laying new ones. Tile and Grout Cleaning Melbourne of our house does not have to be traumatic, only with a little money and a lot of patience can we give a new dimension to our home.

The renovation of tiles and groutes, can be done in any of the environments of our house, be it kitchen, bathroom or other room that has them, however, you must do it one at a time and taking care in the materials and products suitable for each area of the house and also depend on the state in which the original tiles are found so you should study their conditions in detail.

One of the things you should check is the condition of the TILE SLITS, if they are heavily blackened or chipped you should clean or repair them in advance; In the first case, you can use any non-corrosive stain remover product, if you prefer a biodegradable product use sodium bicarbonate with warm water and vinegar, if the groove is cracked or peeling you must repair it with a new grout; additionally you must make sure that all the tiles are well adhered to the floor.

After verifying that all these aspects are covered, you can start the renovation of the tiles with the technique you prefer, among the most common are the polishing technique, which consists of treating the Floor cleaning with drag plates provided with segments of different grain, then apply aluminum fluorosilicate diluted in resin, it will give a gloss finish and enhance its original colors, and finally apply a vitrified for shine and

waterproofing that protects the tiles waterproofing that protects the tiles.


However, if you want to give a radical and dramatic change to your tiles, you can choose to paint them, in this case, in addition to taking care of the previous details of the previous technique, you must choose the design you want to apply to the surface of the tiles.

The Tile and Grout Steam Cleaning,begins with a synthetic sealer to fix the paint well, the most recommended colors in this case are epoxy, as they offer greater strength. To paint, a roller can be used in larger areas and a small brush can be used for more difficult areas. Once the coat of paint is finished, the gloss and waterproofing coat is applied.


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